You moved and your friends forget about you

You moved and your friends forget about you. my friends forget me quotes? when friends forget you. everyone forgets about me. when your friends forget about you meme?
when your friends forget your birthday. when your best friend forgets your quotes.

we all have closet friends we used to play and hangouts with them when we were kids, and when one of them moves away, my childhood best friend forgets about me! what happened? why he did that after all that time we spend together?

is he going to remember me ever again?


in any human relationship, the main reason that your friend or love forgets you is that he found someone else that is similar to you(replaced you) either in interests, hobbies, or someone who capable of filling his/her emotional needs.

“have no friend not equal to yourself.”

Confucius:”analects”.(Get The Book)

“i don’t trust him, we’re friends.”

B. Brecht: “Mother Courage and Her Children” III(Get The Book)

“Friendship is constant in all other things save in the office and affairs of love.”

Shakespeare: “A midsummer night’s dream” 11:1(Get The Book)

“it is not so much our friends help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us”

Epicurus”letter to Menoeceus”

“the dupe of friendship and the fool of love; have I not reason to hate and to despise myself?
indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough”

William Hazlitt: “on the pleasure of hating”(Get The Book)

in the science and art of economics, there are many concepts, and economics being the systemic study of utilitarian human behavior, that there in the theory of supply and demand the idea that there is rigid and elastic demand.

well, if a certain commodity becomes not available or very costly, you can buy another that give the same satisfaction.
this mentality and human behaviors is not applicable only with available and costly commodities, but in human affairs also.
this can apply in human relationships if, and only if, the relationship is not rigid, when there is not the factor of love in marriage and friendship

if I can’t have you
I don’t want nobody, baby


the free human relationships maintain that degree of freedom of choice that love for a woman or a friend works to decrease.

the principles of substitution works in the context of free human hearts.
when you have a girl or a friend that are substitutable then you are in emotional trouble especially if this and Sui Generis soul mate becomes unavailable, whether he jilted you or traveled to another land or, friend, finally died.
I have a friend, who is really was my equal and we had a deep sense of mutual support and agreement about many things in our lives and in the whole world, and we had that rare gem or real and deep friendship :
we could conspire against the whole wide world, something akin to love. he traveled to America for his master’s degree and he showed such academic abilities that he was appointed as a teacher in one of the prestigious universities. and there was no correspondence between us.
I complained to one acquaintance that I missed my friend he sais:
– do you think humans are Sui Generis?
I mean to each other?
like commodities, they are interchangeable, like meat and soya beans! since he went away, the context had changed: he found another life. you had better forget him.
– but this sense of

“if I can’t have don’t want nobody baby”

where has it gone?
– it has gone the way of all flesh. as they say: man is the son of his habitat. man deals in what is at hand, what is available.
you better forget him for he has forgotten you!.”

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