How to Become a Writer for Beginners(Start From Here)

what education do you need to become a good author and how to be a successful novel writer and a professional bestselling book writer.

An author who talks about his own books is almost as bad as mother who speaks about her own children.

Disraeli: speech, Glasgow, 19 Nov. 1873

A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author

Chesterton: Heretics. Ch. 15 (Get the book)

Books are made .. Like pyramids


Well, here we’re with a daunting mission; writing about writing!

Of course you must be aware that music, the short story, the novel, and the dramatic piece are built around a core idea, that must be developed minutely like the seed which genetically must contain all the characteristics of the full-grown fruit.

The key idea is: development.

Nothing gratuitous, accidental or redundant.

All good writers have this patient knack for patiently developing the core idea into a beautiful work of art.

What Education Do You Need To Become An Author

The first lesson in writing is: to write about the things you know, your experiences with people, and your relationship with nature.

The most important tool, your brush, your colors, is language, you must, in order to be a good writer, have mastered the language of writing.

Milan Kundera the Czech writer and novelist wrote “The Philosophy of The Novel” accentuating the huge difference of art from science.

In that book he said a writer must avoid the law of causation; because this law kills the effervescent soul of good art. He sites great literary artists like Cervantes, Shakespeare etc.

The Nature Of Art:

The truth of the matter is that good art lies in the mid area between causation and the nature of a dream; in a dream, the images develop incessantly from a Core idea taking some times, horrendous nature according to the characteristics of the core fear or desire.

Milan Kundera is right when he said

the spirit of the novel is the poetry of life, its mirth, and spontaneity.

How To Write Joyously?

The first thing is the mastery of the writing tool:

The language.

Then you must realize that the basic difference between the law of evidence and the logic of the novel is that the judge asserts the criterion of direct, probable causation to deliver a judgment while the artist goes for indirect and improbable causation that astounds  refreshes and enlarges the imaginative powers of the reader:


This is the spirit of all good art.

The far reaches of the law of causation carry the almost improbable, the almost impossible, the hilarious, the unexpected Mr. Milam Kundira is right.

“I have always used this technique in times of sweet to getherness that elicited joy and mirth, but earned me the epithet of crazy”

For young waters, it’s important to add a touch of poetry to real things as when describing the still immature voices of adolescents as “green voice” of course a young writer should read good novels, short stores, theatre pieces.

The main idea is to go after the deep hidden levels of daily experience in order to find that poetic species of the law of causation with its surprises, mirth, and tragedy.

A lot of cases in courts have been dismissed for the reason of improbability and this is the spirit of life for the novelistic art.

The young novelist or dramatist should learn his trade patienty from past masters of the genre.

The important thing to an author is not the width of the experience but the depth of the point of view.

You should learn the proven way of characterization plan your Plots and descriptive powers people want to know what the nature of the soul is: even scientists do not know this.

But, it can be ascertained that the soul of the novel or drama is in the upper reaches of the law of causation

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