What to do when your daughter is bullied

what to do when your daughter is bullied? there are ways to help your child cope with teasing, bullying but, some suffering is good for your child to be a successful person let me explain why.

A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.

Michel de Montaigne: “Essais, III”.(Get The Book)

“Three passions, simply but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”

Bertrand Arthur William  Russell: “The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, prologue”.(Get The Book)

“those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer .”

Anthony Trollope: The Bertrams.ch.27(Get The Book)

“Know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong.”

Henry Wadsworth longfellow: “The Light of Stars”(Read The Full Poeme)

” if suffer we must, let’s suffer on the heights”.

Victor Hugo: “Contemplations: Les Malheureux “(Get The Book)

“Rather suffer  than die is man’s motto.”

Jean De La Fontaine: “Fables 1, La Mort et le Bucheron”(Get The Book)

[mal heureuse ment] the modern civilization seeks earnestly to eradicate and lessen or alleviate pain and suffering. I said unfortunately because the metaphors of classical civilization, learned from natural wisdom, like the ironsmith’s method of strengthening and sharpening knives, swords, and javelins by introducing them first to fire then immersing them into the water and then hammering them before sharpening them.

Some Suffering and Pain Is Good For Your Child

This is the meaning of culture in the Arabic Language: that is making instruments straight (bodily mentally? Morally?) and sharp(intuitively)

“تثقيف”,”مثقف”,”متثقف” and “ثقف الرُمْحَ”

The European metaphor for culture and education comes From Agri-culture by paying attention to the young seedlings and trees (children) to ascertain their being straight and well-fed and protect them from Insects(bad friends) to assure themselves of a healthy and plenty produce(success in life ).

With this came the ideologies of education; one British historian told me when I asked him:

-Why contemporary leaders of most nations today are weaklings?

-Great leaders of nations come in the times of stress, because their environments were harsh, or because their families gave them early on an education stressing standing of pain and suffering as the moral crucibles of strong will power.

Of course, no family wants its offsprings to be weaklings or mama’s boys: the classical meant that the desirable characteristics in metals or plants should be the same mental moral and bodily attributes of a healthy generation.

The school habitat offers a great deal of mental and human challenges to adolescents;[read: How To Deal With Adolescence Problems ]  I heard a young Sudanese mother in our neighborhood speaking in harsh words to her son:

“Don’t come to me always complaining this or that boy hit me!

Hit him back!

Why should he be stronger than you …. I feed you of the same food that his mammy does! so don’t

I said don’t come to me crying like a weakling

for I shall hit you more! “

Of course, every child has a tendency to pay his attacker in the same coin. The problem is there for sensitive, intelligent, and introverted child. He’s the intellectual type, a little withdrawn calm and has his own way of dealing with people verbally [like Stephen Dedalus];

This type of boys and girls should be protected from the violence of their environments, and being intellectually receptive they should be taught life, social life entails some hardship and challenges; that you should stand up for yourself when no one of your parents or school authority are near;

Of course the verbal, mental, or physical parts of his personality are what cast him as “different” the ordinary human beings always make him the butt of cynicism or sarcasm, they vent their surplus energy on him, or before their girlfriends need to show their manhood or masculinity.

The intellectual type almost always has a physical or a linguistic peculiarity that sets them apart(see the story of Woody Allen).

I myself have been the intellectual sort

In our laggard secondary school which excels in different sports, but with low rates of academic skills two of burly boys! Come to me in the recesspeniad and said:

-the teacher of English treats you with respect so, we want you to teach us English, or, wait until the end of classes and we shall show you some articles of the book!

I felt angry and the appearance of meekness left me and I said:

-right now let us go to the ford outside and let us see who wins!”

They immediately changed the tone of their speech and after pacifist words went away.

I mean humans are naturally endowed with the natural capacities and skills to defend themself. So, the natural laws created viruses and bacteria and other illnesses, partly to strengthen our immune system. In our Sudanese popular culture, there is a saying that:-

“Whatever doesn’t kill you will strengthen you.”

For this reason, have faith in your children who belong to this victorious race:

The human race!

They need –like the lion’s pup- a little bit of coaching, fire, water, humane ring in a useful value to reach maturity and success in life.

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