The secrets of happy families summary

the secrets of happy families summary, family, a relationship that matters most and is a powerful influence on who we are, but what do you think makes a happy family? maybe take care of each other, and love each other, no, unfortunately, this is not enough let me demonstrate.

“A family with the wrong members in control; that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase.”

Orwell: ”the lion and the unicorn, the Ruling class”

“they were a tense and peculiar family, the Oedipus’s, weren’t they? ”

Sir Max Beerbohm: ”max: a biography (D. Cecil)”(Get The Book)

The average American loves his family, if he has any love left for some other person, he generally selects Mark Twain

Thomas Edison; US inventor: Attrib

“if you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educated a family.”

Ruby Manikan: “the observer ”sayings of the week 30 mars 1947

“All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy  in its own way ”

Tolstoy:” Anna Karenina” Pt1. Ch1.(Get The Book)

“Murder, like talent, seems occasionally to run in families.”

Lewes, George Henry: the physiology of common life ch.12(Get The Book)

“Accidents will occur in the best-regulated families”

Dickens: David Copperfield ch.28(Get The Book)

Now, families, small as they are, are like nations, each has its consciousness, values, strengths and weaknesses; the family is like many institutions is established by a special contract that is supposed to be not temporary, for it is not an investment of the spouse’s private parts, nor a service contract like Bertold Brecht Opinionated.

In fact, it is a special contract in which the process of begetting children is not man-mad, its human in as much as love is concerned but, the procreative process runs along with natural biological laws, and the outcome is not foreseeable in its human quality, the offspring may be a genius or an imbecile.

The family may be a one-headed one, with one breadwinner and this is becoming rare in modern society; or a tow-headed nuclear family with both husband and wife in the workforce.

Like the quotations above the business of running the family day to day affairs must be reciprocatory with each side doing certain jobs at a certain time.

It goes without saying the family must have been founded on love for it to lead a calm and prosperous life love tends to mellow the sharp edges found by nature or temperament in each member of the family.

Everything must be conducted according to a plan. of course, one member of the family, say a wife, or a husband might bring some tails of past life experience whis him or both. the past  should not lay its shadows upon the new union. The personalities of both husband and wife must be free from mental or emotional incapacities. Of course, life has never been a rose garden, troubles may shoot up and the most robust of families are able to tackle those unhappy happenings and keep the family afloat.

In god’s own time, when children, the raison-de-être of the family begin to see the light and the air, somehow feelings start to mellow and a certain sense of altruism begins to mitigate the duel of wills between husband and wife this altruistic sentiment works to cement the fissures, if there be, in the family.


The family in a Larecherche du temps perdu, Prout’s masterpiece, is a warm sort of families in its emotional life between the mother and her young son, with the father’s presence working to lessen the harmful effect of too much indulgence.

That altruistic sentiment, which is the essence of parenthood and motherhood. The family may be said to have outlived the conflict of personality phase when they were acting for personal advantage only. But now they have become for the first time really a family through the congenital factor they are not mere individuals: they have a mission; I have already written an essay called (how to raise your child) & (some suffering is good for your child), they are responsible for new human beings who come to this world through the dual agency of both husband and wife.

A child is born

Of you and I, oh lord,

’cause you’re always around…

Third world: Always around(Listen to the full song)

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