The Secrets Of Success In Life That Actually Can Change Your Life

All around the internet you will find a lot of content about how success in life, you may review them and still feel that something is missing because you did not have the result you were trying to achieve.

so you keep consuming more and more content trying to find the missing element that will change your life and have that glorious success.

but all that is about to change because in this post I will give the missing ingredients to success in life that actually works!

let us begin

“he was a self-made man who owed his lack of success to no body.”

Joseph Heller:”Catch-22″ch.3

“it is not in mortals to command success,

But we’ll do more, sempronius; we’ll deserve it”

Joseph Addison:”Cato.1:2″

“the gods help them that help themselves'”

Fables: “Hercules and the waggoner”

“whom are you?

Said he, for he had been to night school”

Bang! Bang!: “the steel box”

George Ade

“The music teacher came twice each week to bridge the awful gap between Dorothy and Chopin”

George Ade: “Attrib”

“woe to every back biter and slanderer”

The Quran: “Surah 104, ALHumaza verse1.”

Is it an evolutionary logic or a social one that which make it hard for the poor to get out of the cycle of poverty?

Does the evolutionary logic use the fiery glances, the whispers, the backbiting, and sarcasm to make success harder?

Are there certain qualifications that the evolution put as preconditions?

Like: beauty, tactfulness…… will obstinacy and perseverance convince the evolutionary logic to make coming out of poverty a success?

All the above may be true, but it is also true that perseverance and a little bit of daily practice, even not much, is the way to success in every endeavor.

Of course god, and evolution work hand in hand to ascertain that hard workers, these who apply patience will, at the end, get their share of deserved measure of success.

Both god and evolution expect the candidates for success to reveal the best qualities bequeathed to them.

Success is a process of electing the good qualities in men and women so that only the best qualities are the sole criterion for the human efforts to build civilization in every field.

The successful kind will meet a lot of obstacles put in their way by their inferiors.

They must jump over the hurdles in every step they make; and even inside their mind and heart, there are defeatist tendencies that, with the obstacles in life, may thwart any meaningful progress toward success.

Every human being male or female has received from God and evolution a certain bank of good physical, emotional, and mental capacities to draw from in the line of work he does better.

Of course, children are the masters of disguise; what they dream of becoming what they play at what hobbies they build, may prove to be their real future.

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