How to Stop Thinking about Someone You Can’t Have

you may find that you just can’t stop thinking about someone you love so deeply but he/she doesn’t love you, you need to release your mind and get over this breakup.

so, let me show you how to forget a person you love so much.

“Next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then.”

Jane Austen: “Pride and prejudge”ch24 (Get The Book)

“how alike are the groans of love to those of the dying.”

Malcolm Lowry: “Under the Volcano”ch10 (Get The Book)

“O tell her, brief is life but love is long.”

Alfred Tennyson: “The Princess” IV(Read The Full Poem)

“Love is sickness full of woes,

all remedies refusing;

a plant that with most cutting grows,

most barren with best using.

Why so?

More we enjoy it, more it dies;

If not enjoy, it sighing cries,

Hey ho”

Samuel Daniel: “Hymen’s triumph” I(Get The Book)

Love, the more it is strong; the more it goes wrong. Love is deeply attached to the instinct of self-and-species-preservation; and since the individual passes away, but the species is long-lasting; hence we hear from often the phrase:

“our eternal love”.

The individuals of the species subconsciously are driven to hug the Thanatos instinct in order that the spices have longer life. The more the lover clings to life the more he/she wooes death.

Now, this is a natural and psychic fact .. love and death are the two faces of one coin. the animal kingdom practices this contradictory impulse with no qualms.

All great religions consider marriage, the inner logic of love, as not obligatory, but look at the individual of the human species who so do love and beget children as heroes working hand in hand with natural moral order;

“it is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward”

Dolores Ibárruri :”speech” Valencia, 1936.

The real meaning  and nature of love is evidently than of a hunting process:

The lover intends to win the loved one, but the “eros” likes to be safe and thriving. The see-saw process which is an everyday phenomenon goes on to elucidate the full meaning of the dual rite of life&death on earth.

A good and clever lover keeps on wooing his quarry relentlessly and with sagacity tries to calm the fears of the loved one: the beloved.

“if I can’t have you

I don’t want no body, body”

The Bee Gees

It is one of the tragedies of life that some people fail in their lives because they don’t have the requisite skills for success.

If it happened that you found yourself in the situation of a jilted  lover, then you should revise your communication skills:

The gist of the successful communication is to make the others feel safe and think of the relationship as a rewarding one now and in the future.

Communication skills have taken the part played in the past by coercion and brute power.


I know a man

He came from my town

He wore his passion for his woman

Like a thorny crown

He said: “Dolores I live in fear

My love for you is so overpowering that I’m afraid I’ll disappear.”


So, love is a serious thing, its related to our primal instinctual fears and superstitions.

Some people think it’s a sickness, but if it is sickness has played as an important role in civilization and the preservation of homosapiens as health did.

And this sickness is our only way to live a meaningful life.

Don’t you know that

I brought you sunshine

When your sky was crying

You’ll live in my spirit

Till the day I’m dying.

Teddy Pendergrass: “I just called to say.”

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