Sickness And Civilization

The Impact Of sickness (Coronavirus) On Civilization, This is a comforting message to the world that faces a lethal sickness.

“Everything, everything in war is barbaric…

But the worst barbarity of war is that it forces men collectively to commit acts against which individuality they would revolt with their whole being”

Ellen key: war, peace, and the future. ch.6. (Get the book)

“It is so stupid of modern civilization to have given up believing in the devil when he is the only explanation of it.”

Ronald Knox: Let dons delight. (Get the book)

In the realm of darkness beyond the borders of light of civilization lie in hiding the forces that have as allies lack of knowledge and relative ignorance of the nature of the foes inherent in nature and human nature waiting to annihilate civilization and the human race.

The human race achieved a state of civil society based upon relative bounty and a measure of the generosity of the heart and mind that bred the liberal traditions, and especially upon people being close together in times of hardship.

Now, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lighted upon civilization from the regions of darkness outside the lights and peace of civilized life, in a lethal duel between nature with its destructive face and culture.

Pandemics enact the natural motto: the war of all against all.

This pandemic has its disruptive side against the logic of human togetherness: social distancing becoming the only hope of not developing this new sickness.

The human body has been integrated into the realm of nature where it belongs.

But the human mind is, thanks god, still free; it is working hard to deliver the body from its viral captivity!

This pandemic, unfortunately, claimed thousands of victims around the globe and disrupted economic, commercial, cultural, emotional and entertainment life.

In congested cities all over the world there are no signs of social life: in Venice the city of love and poetry, streets are empty, Terrace cafes are lifeless the gondolas carry lovers no more………

The pandemic affected a grievous separation of body and mind it seeks to invade the body and destroy it; it doesn’t care for the heart and the mind: it is an essentially a corporeal sickness like the bomb which destroys the buildings but leave humans intact.

The mind, the human mind is working hard to deliver the captive body from the beast.

This pandemic is not enough, hopefully, to destroy civilization; it takes a total sickness that destroys the body and the mind together: to target the unity of body and mind.

The region of darkness within human nature and in the cosmos sometimes causes havoc to civilization.

Until that day when science discovers and at the same time stretches the batch of light forward the cafes of venice will be lifeless and levers will find no havens to revel.

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