Overcoming Schizophrenia The Voices In Your Head


Overcoming schizophrenia, what is schizophrenia the voices in your head, and how to get back your right to live a normal life.

What is Schizophrenia?


Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder which occurs during early in adolescence. Sometimes later.

Its etiology is unknown: but the symptoms are well charted in a precise manner. In appearance and behavior some patients with acute schizophrenia are entirely normal.

Others seem awkward in their social behavior, preoccupied and withdrawn or otherwise odd.

Auditory hallucinations are among the most frequent symptoms. They may take the form of noises, music, single words, Brief phrases. Or whole conversations. The symptoms are labeled as positive or negative.

At its inception Schizophrenia can cause acute psychic pain and emotional turmoil. The afflicted sees himself alone in an aggressive and untrustworthy world.

Be Aware Of Self-pity


Of course the ancient perception of the world in the middle ages as a place of tribulations and the person as a fighter to protect one’s self from the onslaught of different foes, was very helpful in preparing the individual for any misfortune that may befall him.

In modern times this image of the world as full of dangers has disappear; and although the world is full of dangers as  usual the individual has a believe that the world is a safe place all it takes is a little bit of hard work to succeed.

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When a misfortune falls hard in the life of such a person his reaction seems to be like:

“Why me, oh, why me of all the people in this whole world???!!!”

This is the wrong state of mind to face up to any tribulation and the Achille’s heel of modern man.

What Are Your Handy Weapons To Fight Misfortune

You have to have a system of beliefs that helps you in hard times; a positive belief whether a religious or philosophical even a personal believe in yourself.

And like a soldier you have a set of small, personal weapons to fight back adversity:

  1. Love for and essential trust in the world.
  2. Positive frame of mind
  3. Patience
  4. Courage
  5. Modesty

Of all the weapons under someone’s command are some old ones that serve as rallying points in your desire of becoming a healthy and better person: the Karma balance fortunately it is still believed in and practiced by many religious people of different belief systems in the modern world: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Brahmans, Taoists, etc.:-

“What you do unto others will be done unto you.”

“You cannot hate the world and expect the world to love you.”

“You cannot hurt others without hurting yourself.”

“Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.”

Seek Medical Help


The spiritual dimension of all misfortunes that befall human beings is that they help to make you a better socially integrated person.

There are good and effective medications coming with psychiatric treatment, that help to alleviate pain and suffering.

Every Human Being Can Become A HERO


“All that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Evolution seeks a better, well-adapted models in every species. The viruses, bacteria, sickness are all earmarked to strengthen your immune system.

Likewise:pain, suffering, loss, bereavement can serve the same end in the evolutionary plan for existence.

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