The Next Great Generation



“Crabbed age and youth cannot live together.

Youth is full of pleasure, age is full of cares;

Youth like summer morn, age like winter weather.

Youth like summer brave, age like winter bare.”

Shake Speare: “The Passionate Pilgrim” XII

“Beauty itself doth of itself persuade the eyes of men without an orator.”

Shake Speare: “The Rape Of Lucrece” 1

“A Youth to whom was given so much of earth-somuch of heaven,

And such impetuous blood.”

Wordsworth: “Ruth”


1)”We’re the millennial Generation” asserts 15-year old Tyler Hudgens of McLaren, Virginia, “we’re special, one of kind it is our time to shine”

2)”kids today” answers the “buzz” page in Newsweek”

“they’re just no good. No hardships + no cause= boredom, anger, and idiocy.”

Who’s right —- Tyler Hudgens, or Newsweek?

This fragmented vision about

youth personified by the

youth Tyler and the mass media

by Newsweek is rife among

social scientists, hinting at

the clash in visions between


in the quotations above representing the voice of wisdom, you will find no negative evaluation of the Phenomenon of being young.

The German sociological circles address this matter from ideological and institutional perspective since the beginning of the Neo-liberal revolution in late-seventies certain ideological, psychological, and political values came to the forefront of economic organizational and civil  life;

the social scientists declared these values as the new moral & political Zeitgeist and the core experience as one of “Precariousness;” everything is temporary: no constant work contract; no enduring marriages, no durable leases, everything was in constant flux.

This was expressed politically as an onslaught against the public sector and the implementation of the new economic policy of privatization and the economic restructuring program(E.R.P) and with the concomitant slashing at the basic social services programs.

The millennial generation was born and raised in this precarious world.

Of course, every living matter must rejuvenate itself building new cells and the trees by shedding the dead leaves and the newborn comes after the outworn and old, and the new policies take the place of decrepit ones.

This rejuvenating process takes form in every physical, psychic, economic, social, and moral aspects of human life.

Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H)said:

“the young have stood by me, while the old let me down”

culture is more affected by the dimension of time, and it’s the dynamic force by which human societies move forward.

But human life in society cannot be interpreted by cultural analysis alone.

I mean by the Temporal and relative Perse: the voice of wisdom is the herald of the eternal truths, and we must pay heed to the vision it entails.

I my self-looked at the youths of globalized villages in the seventies as lacking seriousness, adrift in the river of time; but being a Sudanese citizen I saw the young courageously toppling one of the fiercest and despotic political regimes in the world.

They united the shattered Sudanese internal front by their healing slogans; they appeared to me as rebels with a just cause.

And they have injected the ramshackle Sudanese political culture with a new urgency and seriousness and idealism, and I think they will become in the future the new Sudanese political leaders.

I think young Tyler Hudgens is right.

She was only sixteen

With eyes that glow

But she was too young to fall in love

And I was too young to know.

Sam Cooke:” she was only sixteen”

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