The New Internationalism: Based On Love


“All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of very organism to live beyond its income.”

Samuel Butler: “Notebooks”(Get The Notes)

“They will drown in their own blood.”

Saddam Hussein: Speech referring to the coalition force at the gulf conflict,1990.

“What progress we are making. In the middle ages they would have burned me. Now they are content with burning my books “

Freud: referring to the public burning of his books in Berlin. Letter to Ernst Jones, 1933.

One of the key to understand history is that people live in groups: the family, the chieftaincy, the tribe. The home country, the whole world.

Between all this levels there is a tension and conflict of interests……. Hegel said that the hierarchy of these levels has as a rule that the higher the level the more it has claims to universality and degree of morality.

The tribe has rights above the family. And the state representing “Lapatrie” “die Heimat” the home country “الوطن”  has ascendancy over the nether levels and the international community is supreme over all the rest.

But the family depends for its unity on an image of “foe” to create a sense of coalescence the tribe also thinks in those terms with other social organizations; and the nation-state depends on foreign enemies to cement the internal front.

Now the human species lives in a truly advanced moral state of affairs. But, still the spectre of a “foe” still looms large in the national psyche and its leaders. The most important observation is that: the enemy was human. Not withstanding its language religion and culture it may be a neighbor or in the other side of the globe.

Now for the first time the Foe is not human: COVID-19 is transforming the fundamental image of the enemy; it is not seen or heard it is there, threatening the whole of humans with total annihilation, a degree of possibility not matched at all but by the whole arms of total destruction amassed by humanity in case of the war that ends all.

This drastic transformation in the image of the foe as, for the first time, not human opened the door to new sense of the collective awareness of the human race that the enemy is not human.

Which led to enlargement of the collective “We” to encompass all human beings of all races, cultures and religions.

This upsurge of solidarity is the highest that humanity has collectively achieved that, hope fully, will make redundant the once essentially human face of the enemy.

The world as a whole is facing the fate of extinction by a non. Human agent, that the old extinction melodrama no longer need a misanthropic force to enact it. Humans may not be all that lethal at all! This catastrophe will have opened the hope that we are really one human species, no matter our creeds, colors and cultures:

We Are The World!

In my politico-human imagination since I was a kid I experienced a certain lack of empathy for certain faraway peoples especially in Asia, now I found that there is a gush of intimate interest in their fight against this pandemic; the Foe needs no more be human; and this newly found universal identity as “We” should be strengthened and worked for to be the emotional and political basis of international relations of all fields of endeavour.

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