How To Cope With A Lethal Sickness

you have some kind of lethal Sickness, you feel it is the end of the world for you, you start packing up your staff, kissing goodbye to your hopes, your dreams, and to your loved ones.

but, the ware is not over yet, you still can fight back, let me show you how to cope with a life-threatening illness.

“how sickness enlarges the dimensions of a man’s self to himself.”

Charles lamb. Last essays of Elia “the convalescent”.(Get the book)

“thou shalt not be afraid for any terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

For the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the sickness that destroyeth in the nooday.”

Psalms: 91:3-7(Get The book)

Sickness is an essential part of nature; however, the romantic tradition used to purify it and romanticize it.

Although death is the weapon of nature to control the quantities of living things(the Malthus law) also it is nature’s way of dealing with sinility.

Another facets of sickness are the mild maladres that nature uses to bolster the immune system.

The Anomalities Of Nature:

Nature has many contradictory faces: in nature there are the mild dawn and calm seas, the beautiful tulips and a Zalias and forget me nots; in nature there are killing viruses and vicious bacteria; the docile pigeon and the dangerous viper. The sweet honey and the abnoxious venom.

How To Reconcile Death And Beauty In Nature:

There are  four levels of consciousness:

  • The level of experience.
  • The level of culture.
  • The level of wisdom
  • The weltanschauung level.

At the level of experience you enter the battle of life unarmed but with your day to day observations.

You come close to the things that give you pleasure and avoid things that cause you pain.At the level of culture your mind and heart have been at least schooled to know some scientific truths that throw light on your experiences.

At the level of wisdom begins the spiritual and intellectual process of uniting the evil and the good inherent in life.

Stoicism is such school of thought: one of its rules is:-

To show gravitas in hours of merry-making and show comitias in hours of darkness.

Most people face the calamities of life through the lenses of the experience level: the monist level: the bare facts: with no consolation.

The human race is still trudging on to attain wisdom, slowly to find a unified vision to their misery and fleeting joys they sometimes experience.

How To Cope With A Deathly Sickness:

According to the law of contradiction every miserable state of mind like sickness if tolerated for a certain length of time shall turn into a deep contentedness!

Here the four levels of consciousness interplay to work out a spiritual denouement to your tribulation.

Every religion has those four levels of consciousness in different degrees….

Great work of poetry perform well at the level of culture and wisdom:

Edifying music tends to offer sweet consolation to the heart.

With these four level of consciousness we can face the raging and devastating covid-19 pandemic; using all the resources: scientific, medical, wise truths, poetry, music etc…..

At our hands to fight back this one facet of nature which carries

The symptoms of death: know that:-

The hand that harms is the same hand that cures.

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