How To Resolve The Conflict Between The Rural And The Urban


“O, reason not the need! our best beggars are in the poorest thing superfluous.
Allow not nature more than nature needs, man’s life is cheap as beast’s.”


“Are God and Nature then at strife that nature lends such evil dreams?
so careful of the type she seems,
so careless of the single life”

A. Tennyson:” in memoriam A.H.H.LXV III”(Read The Full Poem)

“Come forth into the light of things,
Let nature be your teacher.”

W. Wordsworth: “the tables turned”(Read The Full Poem)

“the house” which becomes “the home” is the humanized space cut away from nature.
nature is all around us;
in human psyche, the human psychology tries to settle and cure the painful contradictions inherent in human nature. this conflict is quite the same in our view of overall nature.
in architecture, there is an aesthetic trend that dreams of moving away from nature as possible.
in this house there is secession from nature in designing the modern house: the floor works as an isolator from the soil with its insects and living small creatures.
the central conditioning system(C.C.S) works in the contradistinction of the weather:

“When it’s cold outside
I got the month of May
and when it’s hot outside
I got the month of November.”

the new house is sanitized, clean, even squeaky clean, in short, a work of art. only humans and the pet animals live in it. the urban spirit seeks to be free from nature: but LOI nature hold everything in her hand: food, sunlight, dark!.
on the other side, the rural household is in direct touch with nature: the land, the grass, the insects, the sheep, horses, and the automobiles.
another trend in architecture seems to aspire to mend this schizoid rift in humanized space. the vision of an integrated humanized space with man’s deeply felt dependence upon and love of the natural.

“you make me feel
like a natural woman”

this conflict arose when the big cities were growing as centers of non-agricultural products, and the villages were assigned the role of feeders of the city’s populations.
this division in the natural tasks of cities and villages created a deep sense of guilt among the city populations.
a new vision came to resolve and cure this economic, aesthetic, social and psychic schizophrenia.
our cities, the future form of social life must be integral: they augh to contain humans and animals, electricity and milk, computers and cows, may in cold and November in hot cars and cocks.
Picasso’s masterpiece “Guernica” depicted this as a form of chaos and disorder, but this is the future cure of the schizoid condition which unite D. H Lawrence with Heisenberg, Thomas Hardy with Einstein the blood with electricity, the cerebral with the biophilic.
we, as the future humans, must be integrated in our visions of what constitutes a fully satisfying way of life, we must unite all nature’s symbols and forces and facts in our cities, in our minds and in our hearts.

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