How to be a good boyfriend for dummies

How to be a good boyfriend for dummies. what makes a good boyfriend or a girlfriend to date you ask. Well, you came to the right person because I will save you a lot of pain and suffering when it’s come to date the right person, I will give one sign he/she is good for you or not, one sign well detriment if that person is a great friend or not.

love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person; it is an attitude, an orientation of characters which determines the relatedness of a person to the world as a whole, not toward one ‘object’ of love

Erich Fromm (The Art of loving) (Get the book)

Friendship is a disinterested commerce between equals love, an abject intercourse between tyrants and slaves

Oliver Goldsmith ( The Good Naturedman) (Get the book)

Friendship cuts across gender and class borders; and as Mr. Goldsmith clarifies “disinterested” relation between equals, male may befriend a another male having the same interests and like temperament;

by the same token, a female may be attracted by another female and finds comfort in her being around. Ultimately a male might befriend a female becoming her boyfriend.

They seek each other even in the presence of others, they help and listen to each other without distraction.

Now in modern society the condition of “disinterestedness” may be set aside to give way to a certain amount of corporeal expression of mutual liking;

the condition of equality entails the precious quality of freedom: each party maintains some freedom to have other relationship with no less attractive persons this might lead to jealousy, which, if openly expressed may lead to a feeling of exasperation in the other party.

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The dividing lines between love, which is prone to give the one party a sense of exclusiveness to the extent that a civil or legal element is in a nascent state which may as well lead to marriage.

And friendship which may develop to love between a male and female, Losing the taste of freedom is the essential hallmark of friendship in general and between young people.

The parties to the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship should abstain from any kind of behavior that smells of proprietary interest.

Both parties should feel free to embark upon any future liaison that may blossom, at the end into a formal bond.

The essence of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is to turn a blind eye to or encourage the other to go on any arrangement that may come in his/her way: no encumbrance. No being-in-the-way-ness.

At best cupid knows better at whom to draw his bow; and bearing in mind that civilization tends to change the natural freedom to some degree of obligations ;

the young should know the different shades of the rainbow in their relationship, and give each hue its exact due.

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