how globalization affects families essay

how globalization affects families essay. globalization in the realm of family. globalization and family values. what are the challenges to the family that is brought about by globalization? how does globalization affect our community? globalization in our home. globalization and family sociology? how has globalization affected family structures?

“it is a wise father that knows his own child”


“in my father’s house are many mansions
if it were not so, i would have told you
i go to prepare a place for you”

the Bible: “14:2 John”

“No man is responsible for his father
that is entirely his mother’s affair”

Margaret Turnbull: “Alabaster Lamps”(Get The Book)

“To day i dressed to meet my father’s eyes;
yesterday it was for my husband”

Saturnalia(macrobius). Julia(Get The Book)

“the visble universe was an illusion or, more precisely, a sophism. mirrors and Fatherhood are abominable becuse they multply it and extend it.”

Jorge Luis Borges:”ficciones. Tlon, uqbar, orbis tertius”(Get The Book)
the family was created as a bastion of stability, in traditional societies therein may coincide three generations: Grandfather, father, and his offspring:
this is of course the extended family.
I myself grew up in such a family. the Egyptian Nobel laureate writer Naguib Mahfouz wrote his famous trilogy about a Cairene extended family.
in such family there is close home control, every step is known to the doyen of the family your life is planned already whom you are going to marry, what kind of work you pursue, of course for the youth of the digital revoluation this is stuffy business:-

“We don’t need no education
we don’t need no home control”

Pink Floyd

the extended family was there when intermediate technology which was used in production, communication and entertainment, with the advent of the digital age. the world become a small global village: space become small, travel speedy and easy, communication with audio/video format become available: the world become one human race living closely together for the first time in history.
opportunities for study and work abroad multiplied. the time is for the nuclear family which is comprised of the parent and their children. the extended family evaporated like a summer cloud.

and even the nuclear family after the children have graduated from high school or university, will go by the way of all flesh. the nuclear family will become diminished and in old age it is a fact that the parents live together alone after retirement.

this is the world of the modern bedouin: carrying his tent on his shoulder, putting it down and setting it up wherever there is opportunity.
it is one of the ironies of the history of civilizations that with simple technology people live closely-knit together for long periods of time; this I call the “human phase”: but with the advance and complexity and efficiency of technology there appear the “natural phase”;

at first, the culture is at variance from nature in its laws, institutions and relationships and with the advanced technology as is the case today the culture become naturalized…
the nuclear family feed, nurture, educate their offspring and when their”wings” become strong enough: they fly away! to another opportunity they work, marry without the knowledge of their parents, raise up their children away from grandfatherly blessing:

the anti-thesis of the extended family.
at the end of the day, and when everything is said and done technology is a blessing: it creates a problem itself the response to problem, and it solves a problem.

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