Why Highly Intelligent People Are Miserable

Intelligent or smart people, are they really unhappy? If so, why smart people are miserable? Let us find out why and how.

“intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability, which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.”

Alfred North Whitehead: “Dialogues, 135”

“the more intelligence one has the more people one finds original. Common place people see no deference between men.”

Blaise Pascal: “Pensees,1”

“a really intelligent man feels what other men only know.”

Case.L. de secondat Montesquieu:

“Essais sur le causesqui peuvent affecter lesesprits et les caracteres”

“the intelligent are to the intellingentsia what a man is to agent”

Stanly Baldwin: “Attrib”

The thing is that the intelligent person is deeply impressionistic in both feeling and mind this susceptibility to understand and feel deeper and finer than most people has a biochemical basis.

The genius is one fine and not so rare species of intelligent people. Some kind of genius grows in pain like acacia tree; it has to be hacked and hit hard by an axe to cause a wound in its stalk so that after a period of germination it produces gum cones.

This botanical fact affirms the theory of the wouCellnd to interpret the phenomenon of high intelligence leading to genius. The intelligent young person doesn’t  speak in the familiar tongue of his peers;

he has /she has a peculiar way of seeing something that the others find freakish; they begin to tease him/her and imitate his/her speech humorously, at last, calling him crazy!

The intelligent person has a habit of dwelling for longer stretches of time on the same subject of thought until he finds some suitable solution. The intelligent person, however, has the attribute of being much more serious than his cohorts.

Although the intelligent person keeps away from troubles, never the less he/she is more prone to fall victim to physical and mental maladies.

The history of science and  belles lettres is overflowing of sad stories  of scientists and thinkers or writers whom fate treated so harshly; there is a famous adage that:

 “happy people produce only babies and never write books.”

Thomas Mann, the German novelist said that:

“Sickness contributed as much as health to civilization.”[read this blog post: Sickness and Civilization]

The intelligent person is unique in that his mind and heart are alive teeming with thoughts and feelings and if the ratio of thought-loving people is only a meager 2% in the whole globe and thole who sidestep thought is 98% than the intelligent person he or she is in a deep relationship with the world of scientific research, Belle letters and culture.

The wound theory is true and well carried up by the annals of history. I know of a person, who is my friend since childhood, once he told me that a professor of philosophy at the university  of U. of K Sudan she was French after probing him closely one afternoon at the French cultural center she said to him:

your personality type and as a man of culture date back to the middle-ages; Herprobe was centered around the ways of modem society; he told me in answering her question about his sex life he said:

– I never practice sex!

– You don’t?

– Yes, I don’t!

– Why, what is wrong with sex?

– There is nothing wrong with it, I never said that.

– Then why you don’t … do have a girlfriend?

– No, no, I don’t.

– But this is a monkish way of life, we left it a long way back in the middle-ages.

– This abstinence, this virginity is the condition for my intellectual growth!

– But this is not the way a modern writer lives his life.

– I’m, I think quite modern;

I play football, listen to classic music, opera Jazz and Hip-Hop, and even Marvin’s “sexual healing”.

– What are your languages?

– I speak fore European languages.

– What are your literary mentors, I mean those writers you consciously or unconsciously model your writings on?

– Oh, M. Proust, Ernest Heming way, V. S. Naipaul John Updike Naguib Mahfouz, J. Conrad, Thomas Mann, Toyeb Salih.

– Oh, this is an impressive list, really mind-boggling!

Life is like a many-sided, a multi-dimensional structure and each writer contributes one of these dimensions. well, this friend of mine and what a twist of cruel fate, fell down with schizophrenia the cause is an out of the way sexual frame-up.

He told me that his intelligence and sensibility thrive in pain and hardship; he said his newous system sucks in pain and suffering like sun-scorched thirsty sand.

I noticed that his reporting from the bottom of the suffering, from the belly of the whale, is highly original and has philosophic, poetic, literary, and scientific value.

So this is just a glimpse of these intelligent people who refuse to acknowledge that they are miserable, but insist that from the depth of suffering wells up a stream of joy.

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