Simple Way To End The Hate In The World And In You!

How To End The Hate In You

Hate is one of the strongest feelings that are hard to get rid of, whether you hate someone or something, in the end, you will get to the point, soon or later, that you have put an end to this, let me show the way.

And when I’m talking about the hated I not talking only about hate in the personal relationships, I’m talking about any type of aversion, disfavor or dislike to anything(Literally) do you hate how something looks, feels, sound, smells?

In this post, I will give you the solution to end and remove hate in the world and in you.



“Oh, I have loved him too much to feel no hate for him.”

Jean Racine: “Androma Que, 11:1”(Get The Book)

“Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation or creed.”

“Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.”

Bertrand Arthur William Russell: Attrib

“That kind of patriotism which consists in hating all other nations.”

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell: “Sylvia’s Lovers” Ch1(Get The Book)

“Everybody hate me because I’m so universally liked”

Peter De Vries: “Comfort me with apples” ch1(Get The Book)

“An intellectual hatred is the worst.”

William Butler Yeats: “A Prayer for my Daughter”(Read The Full Poem)

“I hate and love”

Gaius Valerius Catllus: “Carminal XXXV”

“Everybody who hate children and dogs can’t be all bad”

William Claude Fields: “Attrib”

“If one judges love by its visible effects, it looks more like hatred than like friendship”

Francois, Duc La Rochefoucauld: “Maximes, 72”(Get The Book)

“No Jewish blood runs among my blood, but I am as bitterly and hardly hated by every anti-Semite as if I were a Jew. By this I am Russian”

Yevgeny Yevtushenko: “Babi Yar” (Get The Book)

Well, I think psychiatry should enlarge its arsenal of palliative and recovery modes of dealing with mental ailments.

The curative practices performed in the fields of psychiatry include boxing, which is one of the most shocking form of obscenity; the victor announces to his opponent:

“you have no balls; you are a feminine miscarried man!”

I think hared is one of the roots of human misery and(HAPPINESS); it is deep-rooted in our instinctive and cultural apparatus.

Everything and everyone is the possible object of hatred, hatred being driven by that likewise pervasive sentiment driven by envy and self-pity:-

“I thank god for giving

everybody so much

but he gave me so little”

I suggest that an international federation of the baser sentiments be formed just like the international Olympic committee and the victor called The Internationally Acclaimed Hater(IAH) Championship!.

Hatred, Envy, and self-pity are the three witch sisters that run havoc upon human institutions, values, endowments.

Hatred, Envy, and self-pity

How To End The Hate In You

so, go and grab the hand of your closest friend and tell him about how much you hate the paint of your bedroom, how much you hate your crapy, old car, and how much you hate your boss sound, looks.

try to express yourself, let it all come out, do not let anything left inside, try to be creative and funny.

How To End The Hate In You

But, how this can help you asked?

I want from you to imagen the hate (or any bad emotions) as a poison in your lungs, the natural way that your body uses to dispose such poison is by coughing and sneezing, and when talking to you best friend about the bad emotions, those emotions are coming out from your body and soul with every word, breath that comes out.

Just like that!

But in The personal relationships its needs from you more effort, how?

Not only do you talk about who is bothering you, but you also have to give charity to him, until the hatred disappears completely.

For example, try to help him in any personal project, like homework, housekeeping, or try to make a cup of coffee for him. it doesn’t have to be a big thing, try to start small.

but how this can help?

الَّذِينَ يُنفِقُونَ فِي السَّرَّاءِ وَالضَّرَّاءِ وَالْكَاظِمِينَ الْغَيْظَ وَالْعَافِينَ عَنِ النَّاسِ ۗ وَاللَّهُ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ

القران: سورة ال-عمران الاية 134

Well, every piece of charity you give is like a pill which helps to reduce the intensity of hatred, and in the end, you will start to like him (if he does not do another disgraceful act again) and this is the first step in the ladder to love him.

There is a solution to forgive him even if he destroys you emotionally, read my post about forgiveness:

How To Forgive Those Who Made You Suffer.

How To End It In The World

Using the Internationally Acclaimed Hater Championship we can reduce the amount of bad feelings between nations.

The next video is an excellent example:

But the participating teams (blacks vs whites, Chinese vs Americans, tall vs shorts, boys vs girls, etc…) must have sportsmanship because the goal of the competition is to reduce negative emotions between them and have fun at the same time. [read this post to complete the circle: How To Forgive Those Who Made You Suffer].

Of course, humanity has, by trial and error, and gifts from above amassed a number of institutions, values, mindsets, behaviors that are justly infamous, abominable, and deadly.

This side of human nature has had a terrible record in the annals of history.

Which point to some characteristics in each individual, group, nations which are the butt of eternal criticism.

But the dilemma is that these three sisters constitute the unconscious impetus to progress in individuals groups and nations and until that day when reconciliation- if it’s possible at all-between instincts and free choice is attained, for there is the danger of tinkering with the primitive forces of the human psyche that leave us even worth than sick, for the three sisters(Hatred, Envy, self-pity)demand blood for a price for any centimeter of the progress we painfully make, just like the environmentalists demand an environment-friendly technology in our project for bringing about mental health for all. But remember Thomas Mann’s:

“Sickness had contributed as much as health to civilization”

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