How To Be Happy From Inside Everyday

happiness isn’t something that just happens to you it’s something you’ll need to work toward every day. if you want to be happy and enjoy life keep reading.
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A life time of happiness: No man alive  could bear it: it would hell on earth.

G.B Shaw: Man and superman I

Now one of the great reasons why so many husbands and wives make shipwreck of their lives to gather is because a man is always seeking for happiness, while a woman is on a perpetual still hunt for trouble.

Dorothy Dix: Her book Ch.1 (Get the book)

Happiness is the only sanction of life; where happiness fails, experiment is madness.

Santayana: The Life Of Reason I (Get the book)

Now it is pervasively known that happiness is hard to find a reward for those who work madly to receive it; some, for some reason, seek it in amassing money, but he finds that this imprisons him in the area of maternal exchange.

He can buy anything but deep down in his soul he feels that there is something lacking some try to find happiness in power, but treating other humans riding your high horse never can earn you love: it earns you fear, and you know it.

And power keeps you away from that spontaneous flux of respect and love which is the reward for those whose heart are pure and like in hot summer day cold and refreshing.

The heart can be stained by greed, cruelty, stupidity and ignoreace the prophet Mohamed(P.B.U.H) said in one Tradition:

Who so ever seeks mundane happiness should espouse knowledge; and who so ever seeks happiness in the hereafter should espouse knowledge; and who so ever seeks happiness in both should espouse knowledge.

Why You Should Seek Knowledge?

Because when you know something, its characteristics and the laws that make it behave in a certain way, this sense of coercion, even natural objects create in your heart a feeling of empathy, just as you do when thinking about a tragic hero, like in OediPusking.

How To Connect Knowledge With Everyday Life?

I, my self, am not a believer in the ignorant feud raging on for a long time between the tribes of science and the tribe of the humanities.

Knowledge be gets understanding(verstehen) which ignites in your mind and heart empathy and consideration.

In commerce, the law of contract presupposes in the process of offer|acceptance a certain “meeting of minds” meaning you accept the goods as they are or as they should be.

These realistic and normative instances do not give the merest chance to disappointment if the contra it is enforced as agreed upon.

What Kind Of Science?

I mean by science the natural exact sciences and the humanities plus the arts and music.

For example, the prophet Mohamed(P.B.U.H) has a saying that stems from heredity:

Don’t marry a spouse endo gamously rather select your spouse exogamousy; this way you keep sickness at bay

This has, I feel a link with the theory of intervals in the science of harmony in music, for example, the pair who are relative by blood in the third degree of kinship are like the Unison:


In unison there is nodiversity they are alike they repeat each other monotonously; like the bothers who think in unison one of them befriends a stranger because he is different:

The similar charged magnates

Reject each other;

The differently charged ones

Attract one another

What Other Factors Are There To Feel Happy?

In a quote in the last essay I wrote:

Most people get afair amount of fun out of their lives, but on balance life is suffering and the very young or the very foolish imagine otherwise.

Now, everybody has their share of suffering,

There is a small apparatus in which you put the life event or the cause of your sorrow; then just like the effect of the yeast in the fermentation process add a large amount of patience then a little amount of masochism (finding pain sweet) and cover the apparatus and let the components interact and add a great amount of understanding of nature and human nature; let the mixture interact for enough time.

The result is an in toxicahing sweetness of emotions and abitter sweet sensation all over your soul, heart and mind.

If nothing else, what can you desscnbe this but real happiness.

One Afro-American old woman when asked:

what makes you so happy?

She said vehemently, but gently:

“I ting(sing) them old tunes(the bluse)Till i git happy.”

The blues songs tradition is one illustration of this distilling of sorrow pain and suffering into a consoling spiritually uplifting cultural force of course, really opposites attract.

Some people, around the globe who went through this suffering & pain fermentation process have a stable mild and sweet temperament verging on wisdom.

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