How To Be Funny And Improve Your Sense Of Humor

believe it or not anyone can learn how to be funny, if you pay attention I am going to show you really good techniques used by professional comedians.

Most people get a fair amount of fun out of their lives, but on balance life is suffering and only the very young or the very foolish imagine otherwise.

Orwell – Shooting an Elephant (Get the book)

Every things is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else.

Will Rogers – the illiterate digest (Get the book)

The coarse joke proclaims that we have here an animal which finds its own animality either objectionable or funny.

Lewis – Miracles (Get the book)

There are certain people whose mere appearance or facial expression or stutter in their talk make people laugh.

Apart from these bodily or mental abnormalities we find that the art of literature is full of such funny people, both men and women.

In silent movies there is the Pantomimic genius of Charlie Chaplin who traded bodily movement and gestures for words in the studies about funny literary or dramatic comedy critics found some speech types which aim at getting to the core of the phenomenon of soliciting laughter.

1#There Is The Person Who Ties Two Different Aspect Of Social Life As One Thing Though They Are Miles A Part:

Like trade and love prophet Mohamed(P.B.U.H) said:

The least you pay in the way of a dowery to marry a woman

the more happy you will be.

There was a butcher who was illiterate and known to smoke hashish and was notorious of not guarding his tongue, who wanted to marry a chubby, burly woman;

his family accompanied him to the house of his future bride on condition that he doesn’t open his mouth.

The father of would be bride sad:

“ok. I shall give my consent.

But I paid a lot of money in the education of my daughter; so you must pay 40,000 pounds for the dowery!”

There was silence…

Then the illiterate butcher who was as high as the sky said:

“then how much must I pay per a kilo?!!!.”

Money can’t buy me love.

The Beatles


This comes from men and women who pretend to know everything but they don’t.

A man who thought that or doesn’t know that sexual intercourse and making a phone call are different held the receiver and dialed a number and it happened that the other end was an important government agency and said:


I inform you that I phoned Mr. ……….

Sexually to get his approval!.”

I am short enough, and ugly enough, to succeed on my own.”

Woody Allen – Play it again (Get The Movie)

it was the most fun I ever had without laughing

Woody Allen(Referring to sex) – Annie Hall

3#The Awful Blurt

Dropping the most unfortunate, unproper word:

Like that shy gentleman when he had a lot to drink he whis pered into the aristocratic woaman who sat near him in a jet-set party and blurted

-You are a whore!

4#Word Play

it’s the anagrammatic use of words.

5#The Refreshing Similes


6#The Use of Contrast

The celebrity is someone who worked hard all his life to become known.

Then wears black glasses to avoid being recognized.

7#The Contaminating laughter:

When you laugh, the world laughs with you,

and when you weep

you weep alone.

8#The hyperbole:

The unproprtionate portrayal of persons and happenings.

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