Escaping From Reality to Virtual Reality

Barely miserable life, they live those who are badly addicted to social media as well as virtual reality games. thus, you will be exposed to the logical reasons behind people’s addiction and most importantly how to overcome addiction as well as bad habits.

“The whole of art is an appeal to reality which is not without us but in our minds.”

Sir Desmond MacCarthy: “Theatre, Modern Drama”(Get The Book)

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

Albert Einstein: “The Tao of physics(F. Capra)” Ch2(Get The Book)

The body is, according to theology and romantic doctrines, the finite component of the human personality. And all humans dream of having the “Perfect Body” being the emblem of beauty and nobility.

But of course, the body, being the product of this world is prone to be affected with all types of imperfections. The humans with a perfect body are the blessed recipients of endowment from natural laws, and the Greek sculpture art celebrated this victory over the accidents and failures of natural laws, the receivers of these benedictions are almost always prophets, heroes, athletic famous icons, great lovers.

Now against the backdrop of dreams of perfect bodies, come, in pop culture, such heroes like superman whom the modern virtual world games and relationships turned into a fantasy centered on the perfection and victory over this finitude of the human body, the players in those games and relationship can do everything; there is no blood, no injuries, no defeat in the virtual field.

The romantics and certain philosophers came with the idea of the identity of the transcendental ideal world and the world of reality.

But they failed to address the flemishes of ugliness and evil inherent in human life. The religious outlook believes in the duality of reality: the here |& the hereafter explaining away the imperfections with belief in the doctrine of tribulations.

This is a picture of reality in our modern world: a case in point: a virtual reality story involved a couple who lived miles apart; the male lives in Khartoum and the female in London; he used to chat with her over Imo then he sent her a photo taken a long time ago which contains his prime of youth and good looks.

They are, Allah!, both Sudanese; they agreed to meet in reality in Khartoum. She was around 35 yo and he was over 50 years old. When she arrived she rang him up and one night they went to Riviera Park in Omdurman in a car lent him by a relative they sat facing the glistening river Nile there was a lot of mosquitos that annoyed her; she took a bottle of spray and began to apply it to her face, neck, and hands, they began conversing in that kind of groping strangers. When they came to the moment of truth he asked her:

-do you, of course, you are aware of what we here for?

-yes, I know

-so :. What do you think we should do?

-but your present state and look don’t resemble those in the photo!

-but still, this photo is I….it’s me, after all

-no, there is a big difference!

-do you think I misrepresented…

-yes, I am afraid you did! You are away aged!

So, this is the romantic tragedy of fading flower of youth the inherent duality and dichotomy and contradictions of the human condition: what was once perfect becomes imperfect; the agent is Mr. Time.

So people, annoyed by the imperfection of their bodies& souls go to plastic surgeons and psychiatrists to amend the damage caused by time.

So people who find solace in the virtual reality should be aware that:

  • do not go after the dreams of perfection when they are not present in yourself.
  • don’t lie, because the truth is paramount.
  • great people are so great not because they lied, but because they met imperfections head-on and made a Sharbat(Lemon juice) out of Fasiekh(fermented fish).

Humans have created, from the dawn of times, a great tradition of surmounting every kind of setback, and they are the heroes and paragons for the people with afflictions.

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