How to live with someone who makes your life a living hell

Yes, they are always difficult people who well make your life a living hell, they don’t consider how sensitive and pure heart that you have, let me tell you my story about how i cope with such people.

“Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure; men love in haste, but they detest at leisure.”

Byron: Don Juan.VI

“if one judges love by its visible effects, it looks more like hatred than like friendship.”

Roche Foucauld: Maximes.78(Get the book)

There is no more bad luck than when some people who differ by temperament and character are judged to be in a long-lasting company.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic saw to it than people, out of fear of contagion, should stay at home within the health measures of social distancing.

social distancing itself seems to be the right mode of living for people who make life a living hell for each other.

I know some people who are brothers and sisters who share the biggest chunk of the human destiny of modern humanity.

The one is a mass man, according to Hannah Arendt, an outcast from modernity, deprived of economic and cultural goods, who hates intellectuals of both sexes; a sister bereft of motherhood whose sole consolation is eating the flesh of those closest to her; and their younger schizophrenic sibling who has to shoulder the responsibilities of a ripe mind and a sensitive heart and a gentle soul.

Now the formal social ideology of the ongoing pandemic, the social distancing set the stage for this tragedy that looks the best for absurdist dramatic piece by Tom Stoppard.

The furtive eye, the grunt, the nerve-racking murmuring, silence the sudden locking of horns, the injection of a huge quantity of verom by the vicious tongue, the dejected escape each into his room, to lick the wounds.

The twentieth century western culture had produced this human type: deracinated, alienated, atomized, a balloon tethered to nothing cynic for him, everything is a lie anyway.

the older brother hates books and the modern type of woman who gs by the term “activist” he accuses the new woman of being men in feminie attire; of making hazy the once comfortable deference between males and females.

The older sister is inconsolable because nature and destiny conspired to rob her of the legal fruit of the womb at the last years of her fertility when she finally found her long waited for chance to get married.

The youngest brother who is the schizoid type remains tethered to the best that nature and culture can offer: he loves music, philosophy, theatre, poetry and literature and firmly stands for the economic development of his country.

Each remains in his room for a long stretch of time, when he comes into the living room to watch television broadcasting the latest news of the pandemic.

They won’t leave him alone; both older siblirgs think of him as an appropriate scape-goat amassing their frustration and failure upon his head; and one day at night he suddenly asked himself:

Why should I let them vent their anger with life on me?!

The psychological side, the existential reality of the formal social ideology of pandemic; people are bringer of contaigion with incurable sickness; this is a kin to the motto of the existential philosophy: the others are hell; nay the other are the negation of life itself…

is it the end of life itself?

What remains of it?

The whole of humanity faces the terminal test:

To be, or not to be;

That is the question.

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