How To Be Brave and Conquer Fear

how to be fearless in your life with real-life examples of braveness and courage, there are people who know no fear of anything even death, let know their secrets and characteristics.

All virtues spring from love. And there are diverse manifestations of this master virtue. Although love l’amour seems self-sufficient but it in turn stems from what in Arabic is called [Algheera](الغيرة).

This virtue revolves around the psychological desire to maintain the integrity and beauty of the object of love.

Of course, there are as many objects of love as the interests and imagination can perceive in nature and culture.

the essence of Algheera

is to keep the object

of love in its state of

Purity, and to this end

The lover will sacrifice

His very live.

This aesthetical and psychological attribute can be seen in multifarious examples of devotion; and sometimes it takes philosophical, intellectual,

military forms as in defending the territorial integrity of the nation, or religion or your beloved. The annals of history recorded the extent to which this I deal sentiment was carried out with bigotry, bravado. Self-sacrifice and disinterested passion throughout recorded history.

the Sudanese officer – Poet Mohamoud Abu-Bakr he is one of the fearless people expressed this “Amour de la Patria” about being brave:

أنا لا اخاف من المنون رسبها

ما دام عزمي يا كنار مهندي

سأذود عن وطن و اهلك دونة

في الهالكين

فيا ملاكة اشهدي

You can meet this virtue even in the most mundane of places, for example in a disco hall some young man strikes up a fracas in defense of his beau; and this sentiment is found even with animals in what appears to be a territorial instinct.

The musical “West side story” depicts the feud between two youngsters groups embodying the territorial instincts and standing in opposition to the love affair between a member of one group-Gang and the sister of a member of the other belligerent group. Leading to tragic events.

The story of Abelard| HeloÏse is one such tragic outcome of the church trying to protect the orthodox church dogma and the romantic love of Abelard and Heloise.

They become cultural and romantic icons to the French people depicting the eternal juxtaposition of the deep human and natural drives to keep an object of love and devotion in its presupposed state of innocence and purity .which is still the most tragcl facet of the political.

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And cultural and individual fate of man. The lesson to be garnered from this virtue is that:

Love and bravery are

Tow components of what

Is perhaps one of the most

Endearing  and enduring reality

Of human greatness

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