How To Have More Confident In Any Situation

In this post, I am going to expose the secret to be confident in any situation you face in life and with any person that makes you feel anxious and insecure.

He was retiring and yet craved to be seen, he was sincerely shy and naively exhibitionist, he had to rise above others and then humble himself and in his self-Inflicted humiliation demonstrates his superiority.

Louis B.Namier.

This is obvious: the dialectic of the soul which moves from pole to pole, from one extreme to another: Lawrence of Arabia was such a person:


the healthy and emotionally flexible person should exhibit such fluctuations, that we may say of him her/he is self. Effacing and yet Has the ability to be domineering: that he is absent yet totally present, bringing Together day and night, dark and light, Presence and absence etc.

To some spiritually talented people this comes naturally, being the result of a combination of individual ingredients Like shyness.Tact, anger, domination.

Self-effaciousness, cowardice, bravery. And like any expert chef or a wine connoisseur brings to gather sweetness and bitterness, sugar & salt .. And of course These qualities are considered the hall-Mark of good cooking acumen and civilized cuisine ..

Any person who happened to listen to blues songs wouldn’t find it hard to discerned sadness and joy, sarcasm and meekness. Self-flagellation and confidence.

see also:

Now, everybody, every human being has these same ingridients and you have to know them as such as the components of a likeable affable, civilized person: some people suppress their superiority all the time and exhibit their inferiority all the time.

As part of your individual culture you must be aware that your personality Has the right diverse stuff to make you a balanced and tasty person, inoffensive but noticeably there, weak but strong etc.


so, to be confident  consider this:

  1. Don’t judge yourself as lacking the good ingredients of an acceptable personality
  2. All the good qualities are there.
  3. Your family background might have played havoc with some important natural parts of your psyche.
  4. Like a good chef and a wine connoisseur and poet decide to use every quality at the right time and place.

In Arabic culture, there is a rule:-

“لكل مقام مقال”

“Every situation has its say”

In Latin moral philosophy it was deemed a sign of moral maturity for a person:-

To have the quality of Gravitas in time of mery-making; and “Comitas” in time of hardship.

And there is a saying:

When in Rome do as the Romans do

And like Sam Cooke said:-

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

and so your self-confident.

let us all build effective, civilized and productive humane personalities.


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