How Women May Add Interesting Dimensions To Their Lives

How Women May Add Interesting Dimensions To Their Lives

The world in which we live is designed so that every species of living beings, at least in higher animals perpetuate it sell through biological function called sexual propagation.
This part of the biological makeup in humans is very complicated and dangerous.
After the sexual act between male and female of the species, and after insemination and pregnancy, for nine months.

Plato gave this process a metaphor that connects the procreative process with the creative process in the production of cultural values; scientific theories, works of art , novels, pieces of music etc…

These twin processes, procreation and creativity became institutionalized through the patriarchal set of social organization and division of labor that made procreation a process in which, naturally , women played the principal part.

the conception and giving birth to the young of the species. While men held a monopoly over the creative part.

Both of these biological and creative processes are very dangerous and Carry the burden of two of the most unlucky results in human life: death in child birth and lunacy.
This division of labour is not strict; we find women who participated intraditional male intellectual activities but this divide in its dogmatic Image resulted in the famous choice for women and men:

either the book or the baby.

Some conservative women find that, as its, this part of their nature; the procreation part is onerous and carry a great function in the existence of the species at a great cost to women lives.

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So,only foolish and clearly naive women tend to add to their suffering of child birth the extra burden of creativity and so coming out with the two net values of the part iarchical society:

death in child birth and inflicted martyrdom in the sphere of intellectual creativity.

And the choice hides in its depths a gender psychology non- creative men absolutely eschew the intellectual styles of life which intensity the divide .

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